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Tough weekend in Punta Del Este, Uruguay

20th, December, 2015

The race in Punta Del Este Uruguay has been frustrating for the Monaco based Venturi Formula-e team. During qualifying Villeneuve locked up at Turn 17 on his flying lap and ploughed into the barriers, which caused irreparable damage to the chassis and front-left suspension. "I was braking and my front wheels were blocked, I was unable to control the car" said the Canadian driver just after his accident.


Unfortunately, the accident broke the car too badly for Villeneuve too be able to compete in the race so the team decided to focus on the Sunday test day for the former Formula One champion and so his participation in the Uruguay race was been cancelled.

Speaking on Friday, the Canadian had hoped the Uruguayan event would spark a turnaround in fortunes. "On paper it looks crap, which I'm aware of and it's frustrating, but we know how competitive we were," he said.

"In China, problem one was the car not starting for practice and in the other car I had a brake fluid leak. In Malaysia, one car had an issue and I only did half of practice. In the race the car didn't start and I lost 25 seconds.

"I'm not worried, hopefully the problems will stop."

Now the team is totally focussed on the test day Sunday in order to prepare the rest of the season and the round 4 of the Formula-e championship which will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 6th.


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